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Afristoricals provides an interactive foundation for the successful development of Africans and African Culture. We use knowledge of African History to form the foundations for the future successful progress of Africa and Africans all over the world.  


We use various educational and empowerment tools to assist Africans who wish to reconnect with their roots and understand the true essence of African History. Africans worldwide now have the rare opportunity to truly repatriate themselves from mental slavery and empower themselves with the root-knowledge required to succeed in their everyday lives.


In providing an interactive tool that helps Africans achieve African Knowledge, African Unity and African Economic Empowerment within your community every day of your lives. In order for real unity to be achieved, there needs to be a clear understanding of what Afristoricals is all about and how it can help you reach your personal goals, while achieving loyalty and unity to Africa and Africans all over the world.



History”, as we know it today, suggests the only contributions Africans played was the role of slaves and poverty stricken souls unable to survive without the aid of colonialism. European anthropologists have also consistently denounced the relevance, or even the existence, of African History, preferring to follow the common misconception that has only evolved over the past 200 years – that Africans played no part in the development of human civilisation.  Afristoricals will change all of that!


Afristoricals recognises the power and effects of positive historical knowledge, we only have to see how proud Europeans are of their history and how it uplifts them to their position of alleged superiority, regardless of the fact that their version of history is largely false.  Therefore, it is imperative Africans recognise the truth about their history, so they too can be uplifted to our natural and truthful position of the bringers of the light of humanity and civilization.