Ivan Van Sertima

Africa is not named after the European Publius Cornelius Scipio


The second point that needs clearing up is the history of the name “Africa”. There are several theories that exist, the most popular being that the Motherland was given her name by invading Europeans, which is an erroneous viewpoint.


Following extensive research, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, confirmed that the name “Africa” came from “Af-Rui-Ka” which means "Motherland," or “Birthplace” in the ancient Egyptian language and that term "Motherland" is one still used in reference to Africa even today. 


So you see, although "Africanus" is Latin, “Af-Rui-Ka " is Egyptian and the name " Af-Rui-Ka " was in existence long before the name "Africanus". Now, as far as the Roman, Publius Cornelius Scipio (236-182 BC), is concerned, his title "Africanus” was given to him for being from Africa or defeating a part of Africa.


It should be understood that the birth name of Scipio Africanus is Publius Cornelius Scipio, he lived from 236-182 BC and after defeating Hannibal and parts of North Africa, was awarded the title, or name Scipio Africanus. Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus must not be confused with the historian Leo Africanus (1495-1554), who merely pondered over the origins of the name “Africa”, and there was no person called “Louis” Africanus!


One of the dangers encountered in discovering such powerful Knowledge is that some people can get carried away with it and attempt to invent all sorts of stories to validate their own ideologies.


The name “Alkebulan” also cannot be used as the original name of Africa, as it has no historical grounds and appears to be a term that has simply been invented by a particular powerful “black” organisation in an attempt to merge African historical truths with Jewish/Arabic mythological fiction to validate their existence as an organisation for the future of the “black” world. Sadly, this act of deception leads Africans further away from their historical truth and must be rejected at every given opportunity.


When you break down the term “alkebulan”, with the “al” prefix being a definite article, you are left with the word kebulan (or keb-ulan), which does not exist in Arabic. There is no evidence that “Alkebulan” is an Arabic word. Furthermore, the word “Alkebulan” cannot be indigenous to Africa if it is considered to be from Arabic (the Indo-European form), which it is purported to be. It is a fact that the spread of Arabic is inextricably tied to the spread of Islam and Islam post-dates the Roman Empire by hundreds of years.


Notwithstanding the many different theories as to the origin of Africa’s name, Afristoricals has noticed one glaring omission in considering and confirming the original name of Africa. Everybody seems to have forgotten that the land in today’s North Africa was called Kmt the daughter of Ta Seti.  


Bearing all of the above in mind, Afristoricals proudly refers to the Motherland and her children as Africa and Africans.



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