Brassempouy Venus, France 25,000 BP (before present)

Ancient Africans in Europe, Asia & America


Join Afristoricals on our tour of the British Museum and learn the truth about your history.


“History”, as we know it today, suggests the only contributions Africans played was the role of slaves and poverty stricken souls unable to survive without the aid of their enforced enslavement and colonialism. 


The concept of "race" is a European invention, yet when it comes to identifying the ethnicity of the first humans and civilizations, European scientists and institutions claim not to recognise "race" and attribute the founders of ancient civilizations and the first humans to non-Africans, when the evidence clearly shows that these original founders were African.


Join us and see exactly how Black people established and engineered the ancient civlizations in Ice Age Europe, Asia and Ameria by joining us on this groundbreaking tour.


Venue: The British Museum, Great Russell St, London WC1B 3DG

Tickets: £5 (brochure included)

Doors Open: 2pm – 5pm


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