Afristoricals believes education is the key to promoting racial harmony and tolerance in today’s society. Our mission is to:


  • Provide a unique way to keep track of important events while discovering the fascinating facts shrouded in the mysticism of Black History – and at the same time – keep our clients organised to manage whatever busy schedule they may have. 


  • Highlight and educate people on the significant achievements and historical events from an African perspective. 


  • Promote self-belief, ingenuity and achievement within the community as a whole. 


  • Offer a flexible and personalised service that is friendly, professional and suits the needs of all our clients. 


  • Change attitudes and misconceptions of Africa and Africans in society as a whole. 


  • Address the significant omission of Black History within the educational system internationally. 


  • Address how broadcasters and production companies represent Black History and the African Diaspora within the media industry.


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