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"Our ancestors were dancing to music 40,000 years before John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. A bird bone flute with five holes drilled into it and small bits of two ivory flutes were found buried in a cave near Ulm in south-west Germany. 'This demonstrates the earliest modern humans in Europe already had a well-established musical tradition,' said Tubingen University, Germany,"

published in the Metro newspaper on 25th June 2009.

Hold on a minute! You mean Afristoricals are now writing about European history?

Well, at first sight you would think so... Whenever articles like these appear in the media, there are important and crucial facts that must be taken into consideration. When you are aware of these facts, everything becomes a lot clearer…

Not wishing to add to the deliberate confusion caused by what can only be described as racism in science, Afristoricals aims to give you the true facts in the simplest terms possible, in order for you, the reader, to be fully aware of what the world of science is saying in today's apparently unbiased society. But – be warned – what you are about to read will change your perception of the history of humanity and in no way rules out the role of the Almighty who created humanity over a million – and not 6,000 – years ago.

You might be interested to know that it’s official – science now accepts that humans did not evolve from apes, which has left Darwin’s theory obsolete. Darwin appears to have been fully submerged in the racist environment that surrounded him, as he knew humanity began in Africa, but his own prejudices allowed him to ascertain that if humanity began in African, then they must have been apes. This fits in with the dehumanising categorisation labelling Africans as half-man and half-beast by the religious and political societies of that time. Western institutions have forever since been trying to prove humans left Africa as apes and returned from the cold, harsh and vastly unforgiving ice plains of Europe to civilise Africa.

So, the earliest modern humans in Europe reached a level of civilisation advanced enough to produce musical instruments some 40,000 years ago in what is today's Germany. In fact, several sites around Europe have unearthed similar types of settled civilisations dating 50-35,000 years ago. The scientific fact of the matter is that the earliest modern human (homo sapien) found in Europe was at one time referred to as the Grimaldi.

In the cliffs which flank the beach near Mentone in southern France, there are a number of caves which for a long period of time afforded a habitation for ancient man. At the close of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, systematic excavations were carried out in these caves, largely owing to the Prince of Monaco's interest in anthropology. The remains of a woman in her latter middle years, who was 5 ft. 2 in. in height, and a boy aged around 16-17 years and 5 ft. 1 in. in height, were discovered in caves commonly known as "Grotte des Enfants" and usually named the Grimaldi Cave. The skeletons were therefore named Grimaldi.

The Grimaldi, along with other ancient finds share the exact anatomical, archaeological and genetic structure as Black Africans today. In science it is easy to distinguish the skeleton of an authentic Black person from that of an authentic European. For example, in 1906, French anthropologist Dr. Rene Verneau, published the results of a minute examination of these two ancient individuals in his book, Les Grottes de Grimaldi. From various features seen in the skeletons, Dr. Verneau had no hesitation in assigning these ancient skeletons to a Black race.

More recently, however, the skull is no longer considered a definite ethnic identifier by the world of science, as there are many Africans that have facial features that appear to be European. The length of the lower limbs are now used to confirm ethnicity of skeletons, along with the DNA, more specifically Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). The results from analysing mtDNA are considered conclusive by the world of science.

There are numerous other examples available, but this article would be too long and dull if all of them were to be listed here. If you've heard of the "Out of Africa" theory (despite the fact that the evidence is conclusive, racist ideologies insist that “Out of Africa” should be a theory and not a fact).

The first migration out of Africa consisted of Homo ergaster more than 1 million years ago, the second migration out of Africa contained the Homo erectus, taking place over a period of 100,000 and 50,000 years ago, and the most recent migration responsible for populating the world with humans, consisted of early modern humans out of Africa, the Homo sapien or Grimaldi or Black African, whichever term you like, as they’re all one and the same thing.

Even at the stage of the last mass-migration out of Africa 50,000 years ago, there were no authentic Europeans (Cro-magnon) or Asians (Java). It is quite safe to say that the evidence available suggests the world was populated by Blacks only, from +1 million years through to 20,000 years ago!

The Cro-magnon (oldest European) first appeared in Europe some 20,000 years ago at the end of the last glaciation (ice-age). Today's Asia-Pacific region Asians (Java) first appeared in what is known as the Reindeer period, during the Magdalenian age, some 16-15,000 years ago. Outside of the Homo erectus the only human-like species to exist in Europe or Asia was the Neanderthal which lived from 200,000-30,000 years ago. Neanderthals are not thought to have existed in Africa.

Both the Homo erectus and the Neanderthal are considered to have been of brown pigmentation and suddenly disappeared from the Earth (i.e. there is no archaeological evidence that shows either group survived), following the arrival of early modern humans (Homo sapiens/Grimaldi/Black Africans) in Europe and Asia, following the third migration out of Africa into those regions some 50,000 years ago.

Now we've cleared that up, be very clear that this article reports the facts as they appear and has not indulged in rhetoric. It is sad to know that today's scientists are still scraping the bottom of the barrel of racist ideologies to now change the make up of the Neanderthals and state that they taught homo sapiens (i.e. Africans) how to talk and make tools.

These scientists are now stating that the Cro-magnon is older than the 20,000 year oldest relic, by filling in the important gap of 15,000 years and re-declaring the Cro-magnon to be as old as 35,000 years old to coincide with the date of the earliest settled civilisations in Europe, further, stepping over the line by reclassifying the Cro-magnon as a Homo sapien sapien!

It is obvious to the trained that this declaration suggests Neanderthals were now the inventors of civilised societies. Does science know something we don’t? Did something come up in the Neanderthal mtDNA? We may never know.

What we do know is that these articles confirm that the world of science is continuing to rein ambiguity on a subject that is as clear cut and concise as the science used to embody its findings. The terms the world of science use to disassociate ancient Africans found in various locations in Europe and Asia is nothing more than a smoke screen, a red herring – neigh – a deliberate misrepresentation of the facts that would never include the phrase "ancient Africans" in their findings.

It is not disputed that the 40,000 year-old Grimaldi represents modern African humans, the 20,000 year-old Cro-magnon represents modern European humans and the 16,000 year-old Java represents modern Asian humans. These facts have been proven by science and carbon dating technology. Taking these simple and undisputed facts into consideration, the image that appears when reading about cave sounds or, in fact, early modern humans anywhere in the world, the image that appears becomes undeniably and distinctly African.

The ivory flute discoveries date back 40,000 years, which rules out any Asian (Java) influence by some 25,000 years and European (Cro-magnon) influence by 20,000 years. What these articles didn’t say was that these flutes were found among the bones of Neanderthals!

This story gets more interesting here, as it is highly likely that those Africans taught the Neanderthal and Homo erectus how to live in an organised society, which would explain why there was a “sudden leap” from primitive to sophisticated tools, art and use of fire, funnily enough, around 40,000 years ago. This level of sophistication disappeared as suddenly as it arrived. Could it be that Africans came and left the region, leaving only a trace of their knowledge of sophisticated tools behind? It is highly probable.

In what can only be described as desperation, to prove that Africans were not the first modern humans to walk the Earth, scientists – or more accurately speaking – fantasists at the National Research Centre on Human Evolution in Burgos, Spain, have concluded that 5,000 teeth from ancient hominid fossils suggest that many early European settlers were from Asia and not Africa. They have not published any dates for these teeth and one thing that must be drawn upon is the obvious omission of carbon dating in these articles that attempt to prove socially developed humans originated from Asia, at the very least, and certainly not Africa.

The study even went as far as to dispute the undisputable migratory flow out of Africa into Europe, which was immediately dismissed by some scientists who were able to rise above any prejudices. This led to what appeared to be a backtrack by the researchers, who almost apologetically announced that they "are not denying that it [out of Africa migration] happened, just that it was less important than movement across Eurasia…" and that "…the impact of Asia in the colonisation of Europe was stronger than that of Africa…"

Sadly, rhetoric like that is the least to be expected, as Spain is still in denial over the role Black African Arabs (the Moors) played in civilising Spain throughout its history until the 15th century. Only when prejudicial emotions are taken out of the scientific evaluation and the results are interpreted as they appear will everyone be clear about the true history of mankind.

Science can be a law unto itself sometimes. What the world of science says, generally goes unchallenged, as they must know what they are talking about, after all… But hang on a minute, doesn't that science confirm modern humans came out of Africa, that the oldest Asian is 16,000 years old, the oldest European is 20,000 years old and the oldest African is 1.3 million years old – so why the decept… confusion?

The time has come to abandon false ideologies and embrace scientific results as they appear. This is why it is imperative for Black Africa to carry out research and development of its own, in order to ensure the true and most logical results are found and announced – as Africa is where history began wasn’t it?

The time has come for Black African scientists, scholars and professors to step up and take their place in the progression of the search of the origins of sophisticated societies with Black African institutions.

Only then will everyone finally become clear about who taught the world about the Almighty, how to live in organised communities, how to draw art, how to farm, how to make fire – 40,000 years ago.

Correct dating of Cro-magnon found here

Incorrect dating of Cro-magnon found here – you will not find a description of Grimaldi at Wikipedia

Racist interpretation of Grimaldi found here

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