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As this year’s Black History Month in the UK comes to a close and the long winter nights draw in, it is a time for reflection, analysis, enhancement and perseverance. Afristoricals offers a tantalizing array of contentious subjects to be brought to light and, not breaking with this tradition, we have an amazing array of news and articles to bring to you in the near future.

For now, however, let us reflect on some of these intriguing articles, so we can enhance our knowledge and persevere in the long battle to bring forth History from an African perspective.

October 2009, marks the posthumous release of Michael Jackson’s album, This Is It. The world lost the most influential and significant musical artist and humanitarian in the history of mankind in June 2009. To date, Michael remains the only person to have donated a staggering $55 million of his own personal wealth to charitable causes.

African King Nana Michael Jackson I of Sanwi will forever be remembered by Afristoricals. The light will continue to shine through Afristoricals by our supporters using our amazing range of solutions for people to learn more about History from an African perspective.

October 2009 also gave rise to the grave oversight of Professor Cheikh Anta Diop, who is considered to be the Pharaoh of Black History. He was the man who clearly mapped out the origins of human civilisation, without indulging in ideological fantasies.

His most significant achievement, if you could pick just one of the incredible achievements made by Diop, it would be in 1974, when Diop and Theophile Obenga collectively and affirmatively proved the African origins of pharaonic Egyptian civilization at a UNESCO sponsored symposium in Cairo, Egypt.

Diop's presentation of his results at the Cairo UNESCO symposium on "The peopling of Ancient Egypt and the deciphering of the Merotic script", exposed the inconsistencies and contradictions in how African data was handled. This exposure remains a hallmark of Diop's contribution. Given that these are old truths, on reflection and analysis of these facts, why are Hollywood still producing films with non-Black Egyptian Pharaohs, Imhotep, as one example, was definitely a Black man. Is Hollywood totally ignorant or does Arnold Vosloo, who played Imhotep in The Mummy and The Mummy Returns consider himself to be a Black African?

Indeed, the order of the day must surely be reflection on what has been done, analysis on how this has been done, enhancement in correcting the false and misleading images that are portrayed in today’s society and perseverance – as this journey to enhance and bring forth the true facts to light will only succeed by those who persevered.

Afristoricals exposed the racism that is rife in science today, when an article appeared in the London Metro – "Our ancestors were dancing to music 40,000 years before John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. A bird bone flute with five holes drilled into it and small bits of two ivory flutes were found buried in a cave near Ulm in south-west Germany. 'This demonstrates the earliest modern humans in Europe already had a well-established musical tradition,' said Tubingen University, Germany."

On deeper analysis, the bone flutes were found among Neanderthal bones and the world of science still cannot explain the “sudden leap” of technological advancement that took place among the Neanderthals, literally, overnight. Afristoricals confirmed that it was highly likely that migrating Africans taught the Neanderthal and Homo erectus how to live in an organised society, which would explain why there was a “sudden leap” from primitive to sophisticated tools, art and use of fire, funnily enough, around the crucial date of 40,000 years ago (the date for the first appearance of superior and advance civilisation art and tools).

This level of sophistication disappeared as suddenly as it arrived. Afristoricals enhanced our knowledge of this intriguing issue by confirming that it is highly probably that Africans came and left the region, leaving only a trace of their knowledge of sophisticated tools behind. Afristoricals demonstrated how to spot those deliberately placed red herrings in order to continue the deliberate ambiguity on an issue that is quite scientifically straightforward.

Afristoricals felt it was necessary to make people aware of the importance of standing up to multi-national corporations, like Shell, in the classical Shell on Earth article. Sadly, it is almost impossible to write on Africa without exposing the political skulduggery that is rife in the Continent today.

Once the full facts are in front of us, only then will we be empowered to confidently challenge those that seek to gag and destroy African people. Only then will we become strong enough to fight the likes of Shell on Earth for a lifetime – if that’s what it takes – in the name of truth, rights and justice for Africans.

In the days of Antiquity there was a vast borderless frontier known to the world as Bilad as Sudan (or “Sudan” for short) which literally translates to “The Land of the Blacks” known by the Ancient Greeks as “The Land of the Gods”! Afristoricals resonated facts on the marginalised indigenous people of today’s Sudan. From time immemorial, Sudan represented the Land of the Blacks, the Nubian, the Ethiopian and the African de facto. Today, however, Sudan eerily replicates the state of play that once was a reality in Ancient Egypt, where within one country you will find two separate lands.

As you are reading this very article, people are dying in Sudan. There is no end in sight to the violence and in order to fully understand why, who, what and when did this all begin, we have to honestly go back through the annals of history before arriving at a lasting solution to this tragedy. What is certain is that the solution will not be an easy or comfortable one.

The imposition of Arabic culture and Islamic values on the people of southern Sudan is a deliberate attempt to destroy African culture and heritage in that region. The national identity of Sudan is being moulded in Arabic and Islamic terms, as the northerners embrace Sudanese citizenship as a transition to full integration into the Arab world. The rights of the vast African majority, whose identity should be fully embodied into the character of the state of Sudan, are categorically undermined.

As we have seen in recent weeks, the G21 Newer World Order is becoming evermore crucial to the survival of the African continent. Afristoricals exposed the fact that the western world predictably ignored the African continent when they met recently in London to thrash out a solution to the global credit crisis.

Africa is the second largest and second most populous continent in the world, and after two millennia of profiteering from the valuable mineral, scientific, spiritual and human resources of Africa, the western world served another slap in the face of contemporaneous Africans, by elevating African leaders to the position of a mere footnote when British Prime Minister Gordon Brown invited Leaders from South Africa, Ethiopia, Liberia, Tanzania, Botswana and Kenya and finance ministers from Nigeria and Rwanda meet in a footnote petitioning committee to the G20 summit on 16 March 2009.

This footnote petitioning committee meeting that has long been forgotten and blazed out of sight by the bright lights of billions of Pounds and Dollars being handed over to the obese-with-wealth banks. In the meantime, Ethiopia, yet again, suffers yet another famine brought not just by drought, but by the lack of leadership shown by Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Surely, the $50 billion handout in aid should have helped those now suffering in Ethiopia – but that would be too humane, too easy, too obvious wouldn’t it…

These are just a few of the most contentious issues affecting Black people in the world today and Afristoricals brings these under-reported investigations to light to those willing to broaden their historical horizons.

On Saturday 29 October 2016, Afristoricals celebrates the official re-launch of our website,, and the launch of our amazing new way to effortlessly learn about History from an African perspective, UmojApp.

Customers receive daily alerts to their desktop so they never forget that important date in Black History. UmojApp is set to change the way people undertake their discovery into the unknown that is History from an African perspective. The amazing AfristoricAlerts subscription service will be available from the final day of the United Kingdom’s Black History Month on 31 October 2009.

Please look out for our communications, giving full details of the Afristorical Launch.

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