The African Holocaust


The final point that needs to be clarified is the fact that Africans have been subjected to consistent physical, spiritual and cultural genocide for some 3,000 years that has never been experienced by any other peoples on this planet.


The scale and depravity of the violence committed against Africans and the skulduggery of the propaganda and brainwashing of our people has been unprecedented.


If you have a problem recognising the fact that Africans have been subject to nearly 3,000 years of physical, spiritual and cultural genocidal attacks by one particular group of people, even in today’s world, then perhaps Afristoricals is not for you!

In 1555, missionary John Hawkins arrived in Sierra Leone and tricked 500 people in to meeting Jesus.  He led them to his slave ship Jesus of Lubeck, pictured here, and so began the European enslavement of Africans:

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