Afristorical Wurx provides a platform for people to identify with their African Ancestral Roots by offering various options for people who want to capture the real essence of African History and make it relevant to their everyday lives.


Our seminars, conferences, workshops, historical vacations and unique interactive UmojApp will make it easier for you to make personal and economic decisions that positively impact your life and community.


What is different about Afristoricals is that we offer you an interactive mobile phone application that provides you with daily alerts so you never forget that important date in African History. UmojApp includes the powerful afriBus program, so you can buy from your community provider effortlessly and a lifestyle tracker that will make it easier for you to make personal and economic decisions that positively impact your life and community.




Afristorical Monologues

Saturday 10 January 2014

Network with other like-minded individuals and learn the truth about African and world history.


Get up to date with the facts of human, African and world history – from a truthful perspective, based on evidence, while providing a platform to network with like-minded people. 

Ancient Africans in Europe, Asia & America

Saturday 24 January 2014

Join Afristoricals on our tour of the British Museum and learn the truth about your history.


Discover exactly how Africans established and engineered the ancient civlizations in Ice Age Europe, Asia and Ameria by joining us on this groundbreaking tour. 


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Educate yourself and your children in true and accurate African History to build the next generation of great African leaders.


Education and knowledge of self is a key element in promoting self-development and progress in today’s society.


DOWNLOAD afristoricApp and access the world of afriKnowledge.

Afristorical adVentures


Become an Afristorical adVenturer and unlock the gateway to Africa.  


Afristorical adVentures takes you on a life-changing and educational journey to sites all over the Continent, so you can see, hear and touch history first hand.  



Afristorical TV Channel is coming to a screen near you soon!  Get your very own Black History Channel to educate and entertain you in a way you have never seen before. 


African Spirituality

Religion is the organization of spirituality into something that was used to control and enslave Africans. These beliefs systems all turned against our people – there is no exception!


Discover the true elements of African Spirituality and merge your knowledge of Maat with African Spirituality.


DOWNLOAD afristoricApp and access the world of African Spirituality.

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